M  A  N  I  F  E  S  T

Designers exist solely via the simple structure of crisis in which solutions, manipulations and incarnations counterbalance perpetual problems, challenges and obstacles.

We are the mediators of fact that regurgitate inarticulate laboratory knowledge into legible three-dimensional translations.

The majority of ‘designers’ are not inventors or innovators, they are alchemists, perpetually searching for a means to create gold from the bare bones of science. Designers appropriate scientific fact and mediate this immaterial knowledge in such a way as it can perform a practical function to both the ‘user’ and big business.

We represent the lens of elucidation through which science and technology are simultaneously projected back onto the human body.

P  E  R  P  E  T  U  A  L   C  R  I  S  I  S

How Can we turn a crisis into a positive opportunity?
The best way is to create a 'domino effect' or perpetual state of crisis.
By instinctively solving one crisis, your resolution could, in turn create the next emergency situation that needs to be rectified.
This takes the refined decision making process of "what to design next?" out of your hands, leaving you unprejudiced and more perceptually aware.

O  B  S  O  L  E  S  C  E  N  C  E

Rather than manufacturing in crisis with "Planned Obsolescence," I want to design for manufacture that is considered obsolete.

George Fereday

George Fereday
/////////////////Royal College of Art, Design Products, Platform 10


Crisis Shop - Sold Out!

Crisis Shop - Sold Out!
22nd - 27th April @ Milan Salone Furniture Fair 2009

Crisis Shop featured in.....

Sunday, 17 May 2009

I'm interested in the notion of individual structures being under 'perpetual crisis' in themselves.
Structures that are in constant stress and under continuous pressure.
Whilst I want to continue to use materials that inhabit our immediate environment I aim to shift away from clothing, towards the fabric of the buildings we inhabit instead... in this instance plumbing.

Friday, 15 May 2009

I'd like to use uPVC tubing to build pressurised structures with. Through our understanding of the materiality of plastic, it would be much more unusual to find large, unsupported spans of this material, as opposed to the copper tubing below:

Compressed Copper Tubing from George Fereday on Vimeo.

Testing the load bearing capability of the pressurised span of 15mm copper tube.
In increments of red brick.

Crisis Shop Sold Out, Milan Salone 2009 - Invite

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Gardner's Market Sundriesman.....amazing dickensian shop. Long live East London.

3000 Photocopied Stickers

2880 Business Stars = 11Kg

Wanted to have a business card that wasn't 'run of the mill' and fitted in with the Crisis shop theme. Went for bright pink 6" market stall stars. 2880 of them bought at Gardner's in East London. A family run Market Sundriesman for the last 150 years!

Gardner's - Market Sundriesman, 149 Commercial Street, London.

Tel. 020 7247 5119

Crisis Shop Sold Out! ///////////////////
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